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Need help from anybody that knows anything about 1917 Enfields

Just got a 1917 the other day. Today I tried the decocking trick of holding the trigger down while closing the bolt. After I did that, the trigger is now loose after firing. Basically, with gravity the trigger is free to move all the way forward to the front of the trigger guard, this is shown in the first picture. Doesn't do this when cocked, doesn't do this when the bolt is removed, as shown in the second picture. On other forums, I've been told this is fine and normal on Enfields and cock on close bolt guns, but I've also been told a spring may have come loose in the trigger group or something snapped. Safety still works, gun is still able to dry fire, bolt can't be lifted when safety is on, so all of that is still fine. I don't know if I'm just overthinking and worrying since I just got it, but I could swear it wasn't doing this till I did the decocking trick. Any expertise is appreciated. Thank you


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