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Oregon Gun Law - Measure 114

Oregon Gun Buyers Beware — Member Forums

I probably posted in the wrong place before. Sorry about that.

For those who might be interested, or in the same situation as me

waiting for a background check in Oregon to complete a Transfer, I do have an update on my waiting

time from my local FFL Dealer: "You are currently 23,452 of 29,407 with the approval date by




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    Steve JepsonSteve Jepson Member Posts: 16
    edited December 2022

    Oregon Measure 114 draws third legal suit, latest from NRA, National Shooting Sports Foundation (

    Now there are (6) lawsuits angainst implementing BM 114 ( Bowel Movement 114)

    And a Judge has just yesterday managed to postpone all aspects of this absurd law. For how long I don't know. And I don't really care now. I picked up my gun from the FFL Dealer here in Oregon this afternoon. Now they can make any sort of law they want. To me its as if they reduced the speed limit to 35 on I-5. I am still going to drive 75 or 80 at times, just so I am not blocking traffic.

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    Steve JepsonSteve Jepson Member Posts: 16
    edited December 2022

    If it is any help to others in Oregon, for those who purchased a gun and had it sent to an FFL Dealer, it is not manditroy that they keep your gun for more than (3) days - if the OSP delays their responce with the background check. It usually takes only a couple of minuets. After 3 business days it is up to the FFL Dealer if they want to let the owner take possession of the firearm or not. The background check will proceed unless the FFL Dealer cancels it.

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    Steve JepsonSteve Jepson Member Posts: 16

    The problems in Oregon (at least for me) has been **resolved** - for now. My FFL Dealer has decided to proceed with my transfer based on the statutory (3) day waiting period. I picked it up this after noon :)

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    NeoBlackdogNeoBlackdog Member Posts: 16,654 ✭✭✭✭

    Glad to hear it, Steve!

    Sounds like the Oregon Supremes came down on the right side of this one (for once) in upholding the Harney County judge's ruling. 114 will NOT go into effect today (12/8). I'm sure there are many more court cases to follow.

    So glad i got out of there!!!

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