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Fabrica de Armas Mauser 93 7x57?

PA ShootistPA Shootist Member Posts: 690 ✭✭✭

I have a 7x57 Mauser type short rifle, with 22 in barrel, that looks like a Fabrica de Armas manufacture, except: there is no crest or manufacturer markings. If it was removed, it was done perfectly, no sign of grinding or filing, perfectly round contour on the action. The serial numbers match from barrel to receiver to bolt. The metal is all in excellent condition, with no rust or pitting, but may be, or more likely, was reblued. The stock has obviously been sanded and refinished, but is uncut with all military type hardware, bands, etc. The serial number is 01xx, no prefix. The bolt has a turned-down handle, with last three numbers of serial number, and a flat bottom front. There is no third lug such as on Mauser 98 types. Bolt cocks on closing. The left side of receiver has oval cut-out for facilitating stripper clip insertion, There is an oval gas port on left receiver front of ring. The bore is mirror bright with sharp and strong rifling. The bottom metal has no serial numbers or markings. I wish to sell the rifle for an aging and ill relative, but would like to list it accurately as to model and manufacturer. Can someone suggest what to look for as far as identifying the rifle from proof markings or other information?


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