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WWII Walther and Luger

av8nickav8nick Member Posts: 10


I'm helping with a neighbor's estate and there are two pistols, a Walther P38 and Luger P08, that the guy's father (WWII B17 pilot) brought back from the war. The Luger is a 1937 Mauser produced 4 inch barrel standard army model - It appears to be numbers matching, has the army markings on it, two mags (one is definitely original and one maybe not) and two holsters. The Walther also has army markings and "844 b" on the side. It also appears to be numbers matching but only has one mag and no original holster.

They're both nice but the kicker is they're both nickle plated. I did see a similar Luger that says it sold for 2900 with a certificate of bring back authenticity (seems like a made up certificate) but am hoping to get some greater fidelity on value from the experts.

Thank you!


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