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Looking for Help on purchasing a rifle scope

Peter ZPeter Z Member Posts: 6

I am new to gun ownership and recently purchased a 2019 Anschutz 1416 (22lr). It did not come with iron sights or a scope. I did some scope research (you tube & google). This is what I think I want: 2-16x?, FFP, parallax adjustment (down to 15yrds), fully multicoated lens. I found (2) 2-16x (Bushnell which is a SFP and a Konus which I never heard of that I think is FFP). Questions: 1) is Konus any good & who has the better reputation. 2) What else should I be looking for (tube size etc). 3) Any other scopes I should be looking at (I looked at the Arken but I believe they only have 4 scopes and they don't have one that has a 2 min magnification. I paid $900 (+ tax, shipping & fees ) for the rifle and looking to spend between $400-$600 for a scope. The range I am planning on joining has a 200 yr rifle range but there is another local range that has a longer rifle range that if I get any good may join. SO WHAT SHOULD I GET? THANKS

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