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just pulled the trigger.......

hillbillehillbille Member Posts: 14,215 ✭✭✭✭

on a new shotgun. I haven't bought anything new, brand new out of box gunwise except a double barrelled 28 ga remington I got for my grandson when he was born. I usually find what I want then run the gunshows till I find one used at a reasonable price. the last gunshow I did last week I put that double on the table just to get folks to stop and look. And folks went wild, I bought it 17 years ago and doubt if I shot it a dozen times. My grandson has no real interest in hunting or shooting and I had 2 fellows from other tables, dealers trying to talk me out of it before the show started.

near the end of the first day one of the fellows came over and asked what the least I would take was and I told him just what it was marked as I didn't want ot really sell it. I put one of those don't really care if I sell it prices on it. He pulled out the cash and handed it to me! said he wanted it for the same reason, his grandson. well I just got back from a local gun shop and ordered one of the new mossberg semi auto 28 gauges. I have looked aroud on here but with tax and shipping I could order it for about $50 less direct to the local shop. and found out west virginia now does not tax gun or ammo purchases, another thing I did not know. gonna call it a late birthday present and it is basically free after selling the double barrell and some other old junk I had laying around for years.

I have read a lot of good reviews on the new mossberg and I will let you all know how it shoots when it comes in, they said about a week. I hope all the reveiws are true.......


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