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Help with Pietta SAA Issue

NorthernGunner69NorthernGunner69 Member Posts: 12

 I’ve got a brand new never fired Pietta 1873 SAA that I bought last month and recently noticed some timing issues while checking the cylinder lockup. This happens on 3 of the 6 chambers. When the hammer is all the way back in full cock I’m able to move the cylinder counter clockwise slightly, not fully out of battery to the point where the bullet would strike the edge of the forcing cone head on, but it’s definitively more than just regular cylinder play. There isn’t an audible click like I know you’re supposed to listen for if the cylinder can be rotated clockwise, and when I look up close it looks like the bolt is retracting slightly as I move the cylinder counter clockwise, the only sound is when the bolt comes back into contact with the notch as I move the cylinder back clockwise. When the hammer is all the way forward, I’m able to rotate the cylinder counter clockwise to the point where the cylinder actually locks between the next notch. Again this is only on 3 of the 6 chambers, and they aren’t all in a row.

I’ve heard that when doing the cylinder function check a failure on one or two chambers suggests that the problem is with the SAA cylinder, with an individual stop notch or tooth on the sprocket experiencing wear or damage, but a failure on all chambers suggests that the problem is in the guts of the revolver instead. What do ya’ll think? I guess importantly, is it something a gunsmith could fix so I don’t have to go through the whole warranty process? Any help or advice is greatly appreciated from this SAA newbie


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