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[email protected]$%^*(&)_(,, bit long

hillbillehillbille Member Posts: 13,543 ✭✭✭✭
edited March 18 in General Discussion

I got a new shotgun month or so , back and with my bad eyes its hard to see clearly the groove in the receiver and the front bead and the target all at the same time. I put a reflex sight on my 870 but I had a friend drill the receiver and put a weaver rail on it to accept the reflex sight. I don't want to drill the new shotgun and bought a weaver base that clamps on the vent rib after cruising internet for a while. I got it a few weeks back and have been waiting on the new reflex sight I ordered to come in. It got here yesterday.

I drug out all the things I thought I would need to the dining room table much to the grumblings of the other half and figure I would get it mounted then head to the range tomorrow or first of the week. after takint the mount out of the box and trying it on the vent rib rail I noticed it was just a tad wider but I saw the rail also had small screw going through the side to snug the rail down sideways as well as a small plate that went under the vent rib and screw went down through the weaver rail to snug it up, up and down also. So I went to work mounting it and soon found out there were no allen wrenches that came with the mount so off in search of my stash of small wrenches and after a short search found a ziplock bag of them in the gun cabinet.

Back to the mounting, well as I went to tighten the weaver base up and down I soon noticed the small screws were to long and were hitting the barrell before they snugged down tight, as they protruded above the top of the weaver base and the reflex sight wouldn't slide on, well I figured if I could tighten the side to side screws It should hold in place till I could dremel/grind the small screws down a bit, I then noticed there weren't any screws in the front of the weaver base, the tapped holes were there but no screws only the two in the back of the mount, @#$%$%^&

boxed it all back up and got hold of amazon who said it would be easier to return it than to try and get two screws from the seller. It will all be free replacement and shipping both ways but I figure it will be another week or so before I get all the parts to try again. but hey I now have the afternoon off, and the wife isn't grumbling about the mess on the table........


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