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Inheritance Joke

William81William81 Member Posts: 23,441 ✭✭✭✭

An old man inherited a little over $5 billion dollars. He had three sons. He told his sons that since he now had all this money, he would like to know what each of them would like to have. He stressed that money was no object.

His first son said that he had always wanted a Jaguar. His father went out, and since money was no object, bought him 7 Jaguars in different colors, so that he would have a different one to drive every day of the week.

His second son said that he always wanted a motorcycle. The father went out, and again since money was no object, bought him 30 new motorcycles:10 dirt bikes, 10 Harleys, and 10 touring bikes, so he would have a different bike to ride every day of the month.

His third and youngest son was only 8 years old, and the little guy said that he simply wanted a Mickey Mouse outfit.

So his father went out and bought this son the Detroit Lions...... (You can insert any team you happen to dislike) 🙃


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