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A Nation Wide Injunction Against ATF'S Pistol Brace "Rule"?


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    Ruger4meRuger4me Member, Moderator Posts: 3,428 ******

    More great news Thanks!

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    Ditch-RunnerDitch-Runner Member Posts: 24,757 ✭✭✭✭

    I seen yesterday a federal judge sided with the ATF

    Said not enought evidence to put a stay on the rule

    Yes I am mad also so many rights are being broke and over stepping rules and laws separation of powers also ignored

    But sounds like the judge layed out what they need to do and have to meet the required info to get the supream court to kick ot out thelaywer you tuber well more than a few said based on his ruling and how he worded it he thought it had a real good chance to ne declared illegal with just a few changes in the suit

    I and sure many moreare Disappointed big time

    but how the SCOTUS could not slap the BATF down When it gets to them is unthinkable

    If for some reason they dont it would be a slap in the face to all our rights and laws And the SCOTUS

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