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An inexpensive almost must have die for reloading

For auto loading cartridges the use of a taper crimp is important since most of them headspace on the case mouth. The taper crimp holds the bullet firmly and does not roll the case mouth into the bullets. It keeps proper headspace and prevents the bullets from driving deeper into the case during recoil and loading into the chamber.

For rifle rounds with a bottle neck the Lee collet Crimp die is a great way to go. Trying to load hundreds of rounds of rifle with cast lead or jacketed bullets prove its worth. If you have a case a few thousandths longer than the ones you set your seating die up for you will most likely shove the shoulder back making chambering hard. If you are loading cast bullets getting the perfect roll to firmly hold the bullet is a crap shoot.

Using the Lee collet crimp die eliminates these issues, it simply squeezes the neck evenly around the bullet holding it firmly in the case without shoving the shoulder back or collapsing the case. When the die is set up properly in your press it is fool proof. One die can work for several calibers with the same neck diameter and shoulder shape. The 308 die works with the 30-06 as an example.


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