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bryant ridge auctions

just a warning to vets from a disabled Viet Nam vet. stay away from bryant ridge . I recently utilized them to sell several of my fire arms . their agent took possesion of tge guns but didn't provide a listing of guns just pictures from his cell phone. there was a mistake on the counting and a ruger mini 14 was taken but not listed. I have gone round and round with BR but they claim not to have the gun. It left with their agent and the pictures confirm that. I am now missing a mini 14 with no response from the company's president but tough s**t beware of dealing with them


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    jimdeerejimdeere Member, Moderator Posts: 25,732 ******
    edited April 2023

    Welcome to the forum, rockfarmer. There are people on this forum who sell on consignment and will get you top dollar.

    Your heads up is noted, but please read the posting guidelines.

    In particular:

    "Complaints about businesses, persons, or transactions unrelated to this site (in general all complaints will be deleted)."

    Sorry for your trouble.

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