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Why aPsych eval for Agent Orange

Smoky14Smoky14 Member Posts: 531 ✭✭✭

The VA is requiring a mental evaluation as part of an AO exam. Can anyone tell me why??




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    the professorthe professor Member Posts: 4

    Agent Orange, Pink, ... In a nationally representative sample of more than 300,000 veterans of the Vietnam era, it was found that exposure to Agent Orange was associated with an approximately 2-fold increased risk of being diagnosed with incident dementia and an earlier age of dementia diagnosis. Cognitive impairment is dangerous on a variety of levels, including making concerted decisions for yourself and your loved ones. I'm not suggesting there's anything to be concerned about regarding your status, I don't know you, I've not seen your evaluations. (Jenell, Viet Nam Nurse, 26 months in Quang Tri Evac Hospital, 18th Army 44th Medical)

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