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Rem Model 10A and Beretta A390 values, new seller

one_old_shotgunone_old_shotgun Member Posts: 2
edited May 2 in Ask the Experts

I own a Remington Model 10A that I inherited with some surface pitting. I also own a Beretta A390 12ga in great condition.

  1. Does the Model 10A have any value, given the pitting? I see only one listed at If it does not, what should I do with it?
  2. Can anyone ballpark the value of the Beretta A390 with chokes? I see one for $850 on from a pawn shop. Would you list this as bid (risky that it could sell low) or Buy It Now?
  3. As a Minnesota resident, it seems I can sell either of these on, ship via USPS, but the recipient must be an FFL. (The buyer could themselves be an FFL or will specify an FFL as the destination, it seems?)
  4. Are there any guidelines for packing and shipping the firearms to ensure they arrive in good condition? They will obviously be unloaded and I'll tell USPS it is a firearm.
  5. For my peace of mind: does the buyer have to undergo a background check?


  • BobJudyBobJudy Member Posts: 5,926 ✭✭✭✭

    Go to the Gun Broker home page and click on the advanced tab next to the search box. When it takes you to the advanced search page click the completed auctions tab. Enter your criteria, ie Remington 10a, in the proper box and hit enter. You will then get the recent sales history with prices for that shotgun. In my opinion that one probably does not have much value.

    The Beretta could be worth $750 - several thousand depending on which version of the 390 you have. Using the advanced tab will help you determine that as well.

    Yes you must ship to a FFL and the FFL must do a background check on the buyer. The FFL will provide you with his/her documentation and shipping address. Bob

  • GrasshopperGrasshopper Member Posts: 16,316 ✭✭✭✭

    Since you would be a "new seller" some people are hesitant to bid on items. With those two, IF it was me I would sell locally. The Remington 10 is an old workhorse from decades past and won't command much money. The 390, great shotgun, but I would avoid the listing also and sell to an individual in your area through your friends or friends contacts. IMO only/

  • duckhunterduckhunter Member Posts: 7,681 ✭✭✭

    GREAT ADVICE> !!!!

  • one_old_shotgunone_old_shotgun Member Posts: 2

    I don't really have any friends/family who would want a firearm. I called a local gun/sports store (not a chain), and they were pretty pessimistic about prices without me even mentioning the model. "Well, we pay wholesale prices, so don't go Googling it or you'll be disappointed.."

    That's why this website seemed like the best option, as I would be selling directly to the buyer without losing money to the local seller offering wholesale prices.

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