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anyone else lower their flag today???????

hillbillehillbille Member Posts: 13,829 ✭✭✭✭

I woke up early 4:30 and made it out to the recliner and even got a cup of coffee made a put in one of those sealed travel mugs so I could shuffle back to the recliner with the walker and not spill it everywhere. Grandkids are gone for month or so and the dog didn't even get out of bed, took my meds and sat down to watch a few war movies, next thing I knew I woke up and it was about 6:45 and I happened to turn the weather channel on to catch the weather for the day, and then it hit me, today was memorial day, I stood up and looked out the window at the flag and remembered I never lowered it. The wife was still snoring and she hasn't slept in for a while so I figured I would go lower the flag.

Made it down the basement steps and out into the garage and as I hit the garage door opener the dog came to life barking and down the steps he came, past me and out into the front yard still barking, I finally got him quiet and made it about halfway down the drive and then had to turn and walk up the yard about 20-30 feet to the flag pole, so off I went, it was just hilly enough I had to make small setps to keep the walker lever enough so I felt safe to take a step had one neighbor drive by and give me the funniest look and almost stopped but kept on going slowly on down the street. and it hit me i only had my shorts on hadn't taken the time to get dressed !!!

took about 10 minutes of careful hobbling to make it to the pole and take off my marine banner and lowere the flag to half mast. As I was turning another neighbor came down the road and stoppe to look at me like I was crazey, I guess I was a sight that early in the morning standing in the front yard with my walker only in my shorts, about then another lady came up the road from the other direction and they both just stopped and stared, one rolled her window down and told me I shouldn't be doing that, told her I was OK and I might be slow but would make it back down to the drive in few minutes, she got out and came over and held my walker as I made it the last few feet to the garage, told her thanks I could do the rest and the rest.

as I got back upstairs and into my recliner I was done and just about passed out I guess I did overdo it a bit but after a short nap woke up to the wife sitting on the couch with that why did you do that look on her face, guess the neighbor called and left a message on her cell she caught me out in the front yard alone. If you all have any prayers I could use a few, I have been getting yelled at all day for my "little stunt" from my wife, my sister and anyone else she has told. any of you all have a mute a wife prayer??????


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