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Looking for a Custom Stock Maker

Fairlane66Fairlane66 Member Posts: 336 ✭✭
edited June 26 in Ask the Experts

In 2019 I bought a nice Claro Walnut stock blank from a reputable dealer with the intent of having a custom stock built for a Pre-64 Winchester Model 70 Featherweight. My plan was to have a stock built to original factory "Super Grade" specs, but with some custom features so as not to pass it off as an original Super Grade. This would be more of a tribute rifle, one made especially for me because the rifle was originally produced on or close to my birthday in December 1955. So, I want the basic look of a Super Grade rifle, but with some custom touches. Unfortunately, the guy who was going to do my work fell ill and no longer does stock work. I reached out to the Custom Shop in Hamilton, MT, since they manufacture nice replacement Model 70 stocks. Unfortunately, they won't take on my project because I am supplying my own blank. So, I am left with all the material--stock blank, aluminum butt plate, Super Grade sling bases, black forend tip, and a beautiful barreled action--but no reputable person to do the work.

Here's another rub. Many stock makers won't take on the work unless the customer provides a stock to use as a template. Well, if I had a Featherweight Super Grade stock I wouldn't need to have one made. So, I need to find someone to do the work who can proceed without a customer-provided template.

I would appreciate any recommendations.


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