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Picture rotation steps

Kevin_LKevin_L Member Posts: 933 ✭✭✭✭
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Practice picture time!!!!

This is how you can edit a picture from the GB Forums. Similar methods can be used to edit pictures from your computer, too, but those details are not specified here.

1) open a browser window and go to

2) in a separate window or tab, open up the GB Forum. As if you ever had it closed, right?

3) click on the picture you wish to edit. You’ll be shown a screen that says you’re leaving the Forums. Keep going. You’ll then see the picture in a window all by itself. That’s what you want.

4) copy the URL of the picture to your computer/tablet buffer. Usually this is a long press (tablet) or a right click (computer).

5) go over to the window that has the picture editor in it. ( from step 1)

6) click on the button that says “upload from URL”. The URL of the picture is in your computer’s buffer, so now paste it into the block for the URL and press the “upload” button.

7) rotate that picture!

8) when done, copy the picture to the computer buffer. Usually this is a long press (tablet) or a right click (computer).

9). Go back to the GB forums. We missed you.

10) start a new comment and simply paste the image from the buffer to the comment. Usually this is a long press (tablet) or a right click (computer).

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