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Hi Standard Victor Factory Grips and/or Manual/box

Looking for a set of Hi Standard factory grips for my Hi Standard Victor Serial #SH236xx. Mine has the screw to retain the barrel instead of the push button type of barrel retainer. I recently picked up this gun and it shoots very well. It is in very nice shape but It came with Pachmayr grips and they feel good and work OK but I would like to obtain a set of original grips for Collector purpose.

I ordered a set from Interarms and the ones they sent me look very nice but it appears they will need some custom fitting because they are interfering with the mag release and I'm not experienced enough to touch up the finish because it appears they will need to be cut back a bit to clear the mag release. I will be contacting them on Monday as there website never said anything about custom fitting. Maybe I should have assumed that but in the meantime, I have been looking for a set for several weeks with not much luck and the few I have seen have a "no return" policy and I don't want to take another chance on getting a set I will have to have custom fit.

I just searched again and found a set on here when I widened my search but they are no return item and there appears to be minor damage on one corner of them. I sent a message and am waiting to hear back on them. In the meantime, maybe you folks could be checking your parts bins. If you have something you think will work let me know description and price. I may also be interested in a set of Herrett stocks if they are in very good or better shape.

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