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What is the value in the real world of this Luger

siriusrisingsiriusrising Member Posts: 14

I had it on GB for 900 starting bid and no one bought it. I would think it would be worth that but Lugers are a mine field of sub categories, markings, ww1 ww2 commercial, frankenlugers ect. This one was for export, Its stamped Germany front frame, no date on the breach, all matching numbers but not all parts are marked like on WW1 and 2 Luger's. Blueing is about 60 to 70% IMO. Mag is marked to the gun but its a more modern mag. The gun is chambered for 30 Luger. I shot it to make sure it was in good working order and it ran a mag just fine. All in all not a bad Luger and I know it will not be close to what a WW2 Nazi marked Luger or a WW1 Military Luger will bring. But a couple of years ago any Luger that was shoot-able would bring in several hundred even in poor condition. Maybe its the economy right now. Thanks for any guidance. BTW I am selling several guns for a lady who is a friend who's husband passed and she wants them to be gone. I will make her an offer on it if it does not end up selling but need to know the value. Thanks


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