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missing gun ups

diverbriandiverbrian Member Posts: 1
edited September 26 in General Discussion

Has anyone have a gun go missing at UPS. Had a gun shipped to my local dealer (he couldn't get one and told me to buy it online)-- UPS said it was delivered but the gun shop didn't receive it. I am concerned there is a gun that someone has in my community and should I notify the local police about this missing gun. UPS has been a great help --NOT!!


  • Ruger4meRuger4me Member, Moderator Posts: 2,991 ******

    Talk to the seller of the gun and the receiving dealer. It is between you all and UPS nobody on these forums can help you. I am sure it has happened and other members may tell you their stories, but if they aren't directly involved in your purchase it is just their thoughts and you can search the messages for similar posts to read such stories. Sorry for your incident.

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