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Bust'Em - Long report

BobJudyBobJudy Member Posts: 6,200 ✭✭✭✭

Well, I survived another years cancer patient charity shoot yesterday. Considering the state of the economy and high inflation, I'm pretty pleased that the initial figuring looks like we took in a couple of hundred less than $10,000. A few more donations usually trickle in this next week, so we might hit the $10,000 mark. 10 grand is always the goal, but I figured we wouldn't get close this year. Judy, as always, worked her butt off keeping everything organized and her moral support and grunt labor, (me), did as much as possible to help out.

Because of her hard work and the fact that she had a couple of good volunteers to man the desk, both of us were able to go out and shoot the sporting clays portion of the event. We shot with 3 pretty good guys that shoot sporting clays often and they did quite well. Judy shot pretty good considering that she hasn't picked up her shotgun in a year and I shot up to my usual high level of mediocrity. The planets and stars must have been aligned just right because surprisingly our team tied for 2nd place.

A young lady from the hospital, who just took over the administration of the charity that this event is a small part of, showed up to help as well. She jumped right in to help and when our team went out, she joined us. She had never been around guns much and had never seen clay target shooting. Before the day was over, she learned to pull targets, keep score and even with a little cajoling took a couple of shots at some easy targets. The look on her face after shooting for the first time, was priceless. She mentioned that her husband would probably like to try clays and one of our members volunteered to meet them sometime and walk them through it and give some lessons.

The bucket raffle table did well, as did the couple of silent auction items. The lunch provided by a friend at a local restaurant was good as always and the owner, Patty, once again didn't give us a bill for the food. Sadly for us, but good for her, she is retiring and has sold the restaurant pending the state transferring the liquor license to the new owners. Yesterday one of the fathers of a teen in the SCTP group we help out with volunteered his support and committed his restaurant to feed us all next year. The generosity of some folks is amazing and sometimes overwhelms the both of us.

Speaking of generosity, @SW0320 's kettle corn was enjoyed by all and a few even had a second bag, I'll plead the fifth on that.😁

Sorry for the long tale of the shoot results, but I am super proud of Judy for the work she does and had to get it off my chest. Bob


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