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Been awhile

susiesusie Member Posts: 7,211 ✭✭✭✭

Getting a little rain so I'm inside for the time being. Been a busy few months. Have been on the road a lot taking care of kids' kids, traveling for leisure, had a new grandbaby (its a girl), lots of Cardinals baseball game trips to include Waino's final game. Added some more chickens, sold a goat and have four new ones born. Spun some honey. My sympathies to all who have lost loved ones. Prayers for all who need them. Happy birthday to all who have taken another trip around the Sun since my last visit.

Gearing up for deer season here in Missouri. I missed the short 3 day doe season last weekend because I was out of state. They are starting to move here. Necks are getting thick and I'm finding scrapes around the farm. Got a few pics to share.

Caught this guy on camera making a scrape.

Here's a doe sniffing the scrape.

Note the date on this pic. Yep, 5 October and one is still in spots.

Its just a little under a month to opening day. Its getting close.

And lastly, my newest chickens.


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