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hard post (long, sorry)

oldemagicsoldemagics Member Posts: 5,799 ✭✭✭

i didnt want to post this as i dont want to be remembered as the one whining all the time, but here it goes.

first let me thank all the members here for the well wishes the past year or so, seeing that someone besides family care means a lot

second, many super thanks for the couple folks who let me continue their projects that are taking so long for me to complete ! some know how much the work is my passion and what time i can spend at it helps so much to take my mind off things

i promise, no matter how close to finished or not, when things get too bad all will be sent back at whatever stage i can reach. (one is so involved i am actually on the 4th attempt that is finally looking like it might be right !)

now the whine...

spent most of last week in the hospital again

the scans/tests are showing that chemo is not doing as it should and the new estimate is i will see spring but probably not summer

basically the body did a kind of collapse from the C and chemo, so taking a coupleweeks away from the poison to give my body a chance to recuperate

not giving up tho, told dr his prognosis is not acceptable as i have a 2 year old g-daughter i need to see graduate, so doing a search for clinical trials, using herbal the daughter found, anything i can find

hope to be cheking in for quite a while yet while hoping for small miracles


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