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Going to be busy next few days................

44pinshooter44pinshooter Member Posts: 1,048 ✭✭✭

First, a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving to all !!!! Thought I'd get that in before in insanity of the next few days goes into overdrive and I'm not near my computer.

Today will be preping food to take over to Lesia's mom's house for Thanksgiving. A big family, 3 sisters and 4 brothers and their children, alway a great time. Younger son has a whitetail doe to butcher. Then we have our family Thanksgiving on Sunday. ( More potatoes for me to peel) Our older son is bringing the lady in his life to dinner to meet all of us. They have been dating for over 4 months. This has my wife freaking out about how to make sure that the food is perfect, the house clean enuff for a white glove inspection and what table cloth to use! This gal maybe the one that our son settles down with, so Lesia is so worried about first impressions. Me, I told Jake that I would shower, wear clean clothes, not talk about the Bears or the Packers and carry my best BBQ gun in a fancy holster. The scream you might have heard was 'da wife, using her favorite line,"You're such an a**! Me, I'm looking forward to meeting this gal. Our holiday dinners are always small, Just us and little sis and her son. Not much of my family live around here, or will be seen with the likes of me, so a speical guest at our table is a welcome thing.

Again, HAPPY THANKS GIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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