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Other Board Policies

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Aside from the general Posting Guidelines there are a few Policies of the Forums.

  1. Religion topics are off limits. You may ask for or offer Prayer request, Wish Merry Christmas but that is about the extent. This includes anything you may C&P.
  2. Profanity- there are over 4,500 words listed in the auto censor. If you post a word that shows up as *** when it posts, don't try to re-post that. If you get clever with creative spelling to get around auto censor, don't post it, it will be deleted and you may be deleted also. This includes anything you may C&P. Find other words to express yourself.
  3. The topic or sub topics of 'Roe -vs- Wade' is off limits. This includes anything you may C&P.
  4. C&P- Anything you C&P is subject to all posting guidelines, i.e. profanity, copyright, trademark. Do not C&P full articles. Post a link to an article and give a brief summary of the topic. The thread can be used to discuss the topic.
  5. MEME's- Videos The posting of a meme/ video here and there is fine. However, we are not going to do full page threads of memes. We're not doing 5,8,+++ memes in one reply. Meme's burn a ton of bandwidth. The meme's are not yours they belong to someone else. Meme's are subject to all posting guidelines to include trademark, copyright, link to or web address/name. No meme with profanity, nudity, or in poor taste.
  6. ' Go Fund Me'- Soliciting or posting links to Go Fund Me are not allowed on any Forum. You may make mention in a post as to a 'Collection' is being taken and others can PM you for details.
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