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info about "fourth attempt"

oldemagicsoldemagics Member Posts: 5,814 ✭✭✭

you all know i NEVER name names, so they must be new members that as bugs would say "he dont know me very well do he?"

not commenting on the thread but pm's

am i new to making stocks?

why does it take 4 tries to make something?...

first this is the multi-angled frame i am attempting to do...

the block that is the 4th try

and the biggest tools used, and to the one ?, no i do not use a dremel !

rotary tools can grab and screw things up quicker than a chisel ever could

and once a barely basic cutout is managed, "blacking" the frame and tapping into the wood to "dyke" any high spots, scraping the resulting marks on high spots and repeat, many many times to get a fit


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