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A pretty afternoon hunting !

William81William81 Member Posts: 24,516 ✭✭✭✭

It was a beautiful afternoon here in Central MO......High of 45, South wind under 10MPH. Headed out in the Gator to the far end of my hunting area. Parked behinds some downed trees and walked out another 400 or so yards. Set up a nice ground blind and settled in. Movement in the distance at the edge of the woods off and on. Two turkeys walked out up the hill from my blind and hung around a little while. Around 415, a button buck walked out at 140. He was barely dog sized.... Two more yearlings came out and the three of them nibbled on things in the soybean field.

A couple more came out. The mature doe headed the other way and another yearling joined the other three. I watched them for a good 40 minutes. The mature doe popped out at about 275 yards but it was pretty dark by then. There were others as I packed up to leave. The remains of a beautiful sunset lit my way back to the Gator....

No shots, but I enjoyed sitting in the weeds watching it all....


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