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Warnings Explained

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There are basically 3 separate ways to get a warning.

  1. a simple warning posted as a comment in a thread. This is usually a general warning to all, such as just a simple "knock it off".
  2. Warning in a PM to the offender.
  3. Issue an 'official' warning. This is a warning issued under the warn option in a members profile. These warnings will have a note attached that will stay in the members profile.

Official Warnings have several levels/options within itself, each with a level of points.

Notice warning- carries Zero points. Usually used a friendly reminder warning. " hey, knock it off"

Minor warning- Carries 2 points and last for 1 week. At the end of one week the points will drop off. This warning is more serious.

Major Warning- Carries 3 points and last for 2 weeks. At the end of 2 weeks the points drop off. This warning is the strongest warning before being banned. At 3 points the member becomes 'Jailed'.

What is Jailed?

Users that reach Warning Level 3 are considered jailed. Being jailed means the following:

  • A jail icon is overlaid over the user’s avatar.
  • The user can’t start new discussions.
  • The user is flood controlled so they can not post as often.
  • The user’s signature is hidden.

Being 'Jailed' is a punishment that still allows offender to be part of the community and gives opportunity to correct their behavior / actions.

So what are these points all about?

The points stay 'on the book', and can accumulate during the set warning time(s) 1 week or 2 weeks.

If a member accumulates 5 points or more at any given time, they are automatically banned by the system.

At the same time, a member may be banned at any time at the discretion of a staff member regardless of points standing or warnings.

If you need further help please ask. Thank you.

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