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Replacing my Factory Wheels

armilitearmilite Member Posts: 35,478 ✭✭✭
edited December 2023 in General Discussion

Sick of having to fill up my tires on the 2008 Jeep Grande Cherokee. Although I've got a 33 gallon air compressor that's not so much the problem. I have to fill up the right rear every 2-3 weeks and the left rear every month or so. That can change if the air temp gets colder or hotter. The last thing I want to do is when it's zero out to have to go fill up my tires. I have to hope the wife's car is out of the garage or I have to somehow work the airlhose around her car and then out into the alley. So when I asked what I wanted for Christmas I stated I wanted steel wheels so I don't have to deal with the tire problem. So my daughter, son and wife all chipped in some money towards my wheels. I had to add a$100 but that was no problem. I ordered them on Monday and they will be here tomorrow. I stopped at a small garage and couple of blocks from home and the owner said he could mount them on Tuesday plus it will look a bit stealthier when done. I'm just tired of aluminum wheels. Had the same exact issue with the Exploder but it was the front 2 tires.


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