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Very Rough TIme

Chief ShawayChief Shaway Member, Moderator Posts: 6,185 ******

Friday, I held the hand of my Sisters husband when he took his last breath.

He was not only my brother in law, he was one of my best friends.

He retired in August of 2022.

He was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in September of that same year.

He was told if he would of waited another day, he would of lasted a week.

It spread to his liver and lungs soon after.

They gave him 6 months.

He fought hard and made it about a year and a half.

When it spread to his brain it was too much for him.

He still fought hard though.

He was 62.

Two days before his passing, you could hardly tell he was ill.

He went so fast down hill.

I'm processing it as best as I can but, if you want to send prayers, send them to my niece and nephew and their kids.

Send them to my sister, who, just lost her side kick for 40 years.

Cancer Sucks.

RIP Bryon S.

BTW, He always said that when he died, he would know something that we didn't.

Now he does.


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