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An Ammo thread.....

William81William81 Member Posts: 24,516 ✭✭✭✭
edited January 17 in General Discussion

With my running around to see Doctors the last couple days, I had the chance to check out both Academy Sports and Bass Pro in my area. Bass Pro was a little lacking in their supply and choices. They told me they put out two case of 10mm earlier and they were gone. Plenty of rifle ammo as Deer season is over. The Handgun ammo shelves had some empty spots but they still had most of the major calibers covered, just not a lot of it..

Academy Sports has a good supply of new brass for reloading. A ton of 9mm at 14.99/50. Like Bass Pro there were some empty spots but still a supply of all the basic pistol rounds.. They were a little low on most rifle ammo.... The clerk commented the Ammo Vultures are already hanging out everyday trying to pick off certain items....

I was happy to see they had a large supply of 10mm so I grabbed a couple boxes for range use this Spring. I left 15 boxes for someone else..

Anyone else seeing changes out there.


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