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Toll and forecast

montanajoemontanajoe Forums Admins, Member, Moderator Posts: 57,792 ******

We are out of the sub zero cold with 19 above today. The next week is calling for upper 30s for day and into the teens overnight. Looking foward to that.

Still got to replace the battery in the truck but also had to have other work done.

Driving into the city on the interstate the power steering went out. I mean out. Got off the interstate and steering worst than any arm strong steering I've experienced. Could only force steering wheel 1/4 turn in either direction. Here I am in traffic trying to perform 22 point turns, others were not amused. Got the truck parked. Got towed to my mechanic the next day. Got a call the power steering pump both froze and seized. They got the new pump on filled with fluid, fire up engine- oh look, the rack and pinion is leaking all the fluid out. They are now replacing the R&P. Just great.

The coldest windchill recorded at the airport during this cold spell was 68 below. Yeah,that's cold.


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