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First of Larry's procedures is done....lung biopsy cancer in his lungs

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They had to cancel the first scheduled surgery because he had kidney stones AND the flu. So, it was put off until Thursday of last week. He came through good as can be expected. He is in pain, but a LOT better than the night of the surgery. He is camped out in a recliner now....surrounded by remotes, beverages, medications, a breathing exersize thing, and two cats. The plan is for him to rest there until Monday when work gets started here.....we will move him over to his mother's house where it is a LOT quieter so he can get more rest there.

Things get a bit loud and people coming in and out will not be condusive to him getting better.

I had a run to Texas last weekend. So, I'm pretty much dragging right now myself. I drove to Houston the first day, up to Dallas and then over to Shreveport. I should have taken my trailer with me because we could NOT get all of the last person's items in my car due to the weight of the previous pickup. I was not expecting ammo and there were several cases. I'm so sorry I wasn't better prepared.

After getting back Sunday...unloading the car Monday morning and getting the auctions done for the week in three days so I could go Thursday I was plum tuckered out. I am NOT good with medical stuff, so I couldn't stay with him that evening in the hospital. I hate to admit it, but things like chest tubes, IVs, all the blood and bandages.....I'm swimmy headed around that kind of thing. I kept having to go sit down for a sec.

We're good now....he is getting better and better as time passes. I'm betting he will just stay the afternoon at his mother's on Monday and come home once work stops. This afternoon he is able to get around and has eaten a bit....yesterday he was pretty much asleep the entire day.

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