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OMG....Cats.....I've started something and I might need help

Locust ForkLocust Fork Member Posts: 31,581 ✭✭✭✭

We had a bunch of dogs over the years.....five at one time in the house, THAT was a hard period of time to deal with, but very fulfilling and worth every bit of hassle.

Since I'm a bit more tired than I once was, we have not replaced our dogs as they aged and passed on. We are down to ONE dog....she is a doll, but I call her Pissy because it took a full year to house break her. Everyone else calls her Pickles. She is pretty old now and getting around slowly, you can really see the years on a larger breed dog. She still gives the neighbors a piece of her mind....even though they are nowhere near us.

We love pets, so we made the decision to get a cat. Nothing here gets done halfway, so we went with a Maine *....his name is Meatloaf and he has to be the biggest clumsy cat on the planet. We had a stray show up....she was gorgeous, dark black with gold eyes. It took months and months to coax her inside and get her to trust us enough to hold her. She still goes outside a LOT, but she is in the house every evening. Meatloaf wants to play with her SOOOO BAD.....but she is not having it.

Now, we have strays showing up outside. There is a rough looking orange cat.....and HUGE white cat with grey stripes that is crosseyed like crazy....and this little brindle looking girl. I've made the mistake of putting food out on the back porch because it has been so cold and I cannot just ignore these animals. NOW I've seen a huge black cat with white feet.

I've gone all these years without seeing any we have TWO in the house and four "barn" cats.

I don't know who they belong to, if anyone, or where they came from....but if I can manage to catch the female cat she has an appointment to be fixed so we don't have kittens running around here.

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