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Just before the Superbowl, a shooting session with a Newby.........

William81William81 Member Posts: 24,507 ✭✭✭✭
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I was invited over to a friend's home for a Superbowl party. He said there will be a few folks shooting on his range before the game and invited me to bring over a couple firearms and join in. When we arrived, we took in some food and I joined a couple of gentlemen using the range. For whatever reason, it ended up being a revolver session for the most part. I laid out the two guns I brought as did the others and set out ammo and invited anyone that wanted to shoot to go ahead. Everyone there was known to me so I was comfortable with the set up.

Just before we were getting ready to head in, one of the other husbands joined us. He told me he had only shot rifles and shotguns in the past. I lined him up with a S&W 617. We talked basic firearm safety, how to grip the firearm, how to load it and finally set him up at the 10 yard line with a target.... He hit it 4 of 6 times. We talked a little more about grip and stance, trigger control, breathing etc... and he shot 6/6 after a few times at the line. We moved him up to a S&W 686 and some SWC. He hit 6/6 with it on a 10" plate at 10 yards.

I caught one of the other guys trying to load up another 686 with 5 .38's and a .357 mag. I intercepted it before it was handed to the young man as it was not the time to pull that old trick. He fired a few more cylinders full and did very well. As he was leaving he thanked all of us and said, I can see why you guys like to do this !

So that ended the session. Fun time for all and a new shooter I am sure....

Then we all ate too much, watched KC pull off a last minute victory and called it a night !!! The only thing that would have made it better was if the Bears were playing.... (Extreme wishful thinking on my part)


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