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IMR Green for .45 ACP

I'm testing loads to create a low recoil round for bowling pin shooting. I noticed there is IMR Red and IMR Blue listed in the 230gr HDY FMJ loads for 45 ACP and nothing on IMR green. It's in between the 2 mentioned and I find it odd that nothing is available. Anyone have a source? I've checked Hodgdon site and the recent Hornady reloading book.

Also, I'm looking for the lowest recoil load I can find that still cycles the slide reliably. So far I've used 200 & 230 LSWC with powder coating and 230 FMJ bullets in my testing. I've tried the minimum loads on Win WSF, Longshot, Bullseye, HS-6, Titegroup/Wad, 800-x. I found 2 out of that mix that were almost acceptable but not where I want. I have 700-x, Clays yet to test. Is there a load with the bullet combos I mentioned above that you could recommend for low recoil? TIA


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    navc130navc130 Member Posts: 1,201 ✭✭✭

    According to the Lyman Reloading Handbook, Green Dot has the same applications as Red Dot. It is a little slower burning and requires about one-half grain more powder for the .45 auto.

    When I was shooting the indoor pistol league I developed a mild recoiling load for my .45 using a 200 gr.lead SWC bullet. I had to cut three coils off of the recoil spring and it functioned very well. Good luck.

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    jimdeerejimdeere Member, Moderator Posts: 25,648 ******

    Stick with Bullseye. And buy plenty of Hoppe's and brushes.

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    bambambambambambam Member Posts: 4,814 ✭✭✭

    I found some Green Dot load info in the Lyman Manual. I'm going to try that and see what I get. Thanks

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    bpostbpost Member Posts: 32,664 ✭✭✭✭

    The recoil impulse is started best by fast powders to reliably function the gun. Bullseye, 700X, 231 and red dot come to mind as powders that are in that zone.

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