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April 19th 1775 "Shot Heard Round the World"

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The Opening Shot of the Battles of Lexington and Concord on April 19th 1775, winch sparked the American Revolutionary War and the Creation of the United States of America.

At dawn on April 19, some 700 British troops arrived in Lexington and
came upon 77 militiamen gathered on the town green. A British major
yelled, “Throw down your arms! Ye villains, ye rebels.” 

The heavily outnumbered militiamen had just been ordered by their commander
to disperse when a shot rang out. To this day, no one knows which side
fired first. Several British volleys were subsequently unleashed before
order could be restored. When the smoke cleared, eight militiamen lay
dead and nine were wounded, while only one Redcoat was injured.

The British then continued into Concord to search for arms, not realizing
that the vast majority had already been relocated. They decided to burn
what little they found, and the fire got slightly out of
control. Hundreds of militiamen occupying the high ground outside of
Concord incorrectly thought the whole town would be torched. The
militiamen hustled to Concord’s North Bridge, which was being defended
by a contingent of British soldiers. The British fired first but fell
back when the colonists returned the volley. 

After searching Concord for about four hours, the British prepared to
return to Boston, located 18 miles away. By that time, almost 2,000
militiamen—known as minutemen for their ability to be ready on a
moment’s notice—had descended to the area, and more were constantly

At first, the militiamen simply followed the British
column. Fighting started again soon after, however, with the militiamen
firing at the British from behind trees, stone walls, houses and sheds.
Before long, British troops were abandoning weapons, clothing and
equipment in order to retreat faster.

When the British column reached Lexington, it ran into an entire brigade
of fresh Redcoats that had answered a call for reinforcements. But that
did not stop the colonists from resuming their attack all the way
through Menotomy (now Arlington) and Cambridge. 

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