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We made it home from Rod Run.....a few pics

Locust ForkLocust Fork Member Posts: 31,729 ✭✭✭✭

Ok…..I'm pretty sure I found my limit. I like a good crowd, I enjoy a nice car, I'm all good with people having a good time. This was all happening in Pigeon Forge this past week. I think today is the last day and people will start heading home.

I think the idea started some time ago, they had a car show in the LeConte Center….and somehow the entire surrounding area became a car event. The parkway is COVERED from end to end with cars that people are showing off, trading, selling, and the road is a constant parade of cars. Its a LOT of fun. It gets a little over the top, but I didn't see anything too terrible going on.

It was HOT….even though it was only 78 degrees and overcast. The entire area is covered with people riding go carts, golf carts, ice chests with motors…..but the majority of things zipping around were these little scooter chairs. They were EVERYWHERE….hundreds of them. Normally you see a fat person using these things, but they were being used by everyone there. My daughter's boyfriend owns a couple of them, so I got to ride one for a little bit. I enjoyed it a lot.

We got there, sat by his cars for a while, then me and my daughter went down the parkway and got a pedicure and did a little shopping.

Someone had a Tesla truck there. I saw soooo many people get pulled over. The city must make a FORTUNE during this event. During the day its pretty laid back, but once the sun went down we knew it was time to get on out of there.

I saw a chain smoking, tube top wearing, lot lizard looking gal pulling a wagon with two toddlers in it stop to let the goober walking behind her give the toddlers a sip of mountain dew at 10pm. I looked at Larry and said "lets head out." It took an hour to get 5 miles down the road….we cut through some back road that was AMAZING called "Boogertown Road".

Our hotel was a bit away from all of this…..Dolly's Dream World….which is next to Dollywood. It had a harpist playing in the lobby….flavored tea in the lobby…..a nice restaurant…..the room was great (two shower heads in the shower!) They had story time in the barn for the kids, arts and crafts as well. It was super nice.

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