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What Kinf of a Muzzle-loader Do I Have Here?

44mag444mag4 Member Posts: 48

Found this at a sale and have no idea what it is. It is a very well hand made 60 cal, smooth bore. I believe a dragoon type. 8 1/2" half octagon/round barrel with a "wedding band" dividing them. Very heavy with a slightly green finish that I was told is a east coast style, whatever that means. Has both front and rear sights. The rear sight has never had a notch cut into it so, I believe it has not been fired. The lock has a fly in the tumbler. It is a very well balanced heavy piece and very well made. The wood is as perfect as can be. The initials "A T" are on the lock and the top of the barrel. Anyone have any idea what it is and maybe somewhat of a idea of the value?


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    navc130navc130 Member Posts: 1,209 ✭✭✭
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    I think it is an early reproduction from the 1960's. Possibly made in Spain or Italy. Very nice condition but not embellished by any engraving or carving. Good luck.

    Value $100 to 200 depending how much someone wants it IMHO.

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    pulsarncpulsarnc Member Posts: 6,286 ✭✭✭✭
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    I also think it is a reproduction. The brass side plate is just sitting on top of the wood . Should be inletted .The screws just look too modern.

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    BrookwoodBrookwood Member, Moderator Posts: 13,435 ******

    A custom made percussion smooth bore pistol. The slight green tint to the finish tells me that a product that was marketed and called "Magic Maple" stain (chromium trioxide) was used for the stock finish. It was popular in the late 60's into the early 70's. Discontinued when it was discovered to turn green when exposed to a lot of sunlight after a period of time.

    The initials on your pistol are of the maker. I like the barrels snail breech and prefer it over the drum and nipple types for safety reasons. The piece is a modern reproduction of what is called a late era (ca. 1830) (post flintlock era) Pennsylvania\Kentucky maple fullstock smooth bore percussion pistol.

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    GrasshopperGrasshopper Member Posts: 16,771 ✭✭✭✭

    Yes, it is a 60 year old repop but it has a cool factor to it. Nice find.

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    He DogHe Dog Member Posts: 50,977 ✭✭✭✭

    Brookwood nailed it.

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