Rem. nylon apache

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I believe most of these didn't have serial no.'s and some of them had the serial no. on the bottom of the barrel.


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    The Apache Black {chrome receiver] was made until 1984, they had #'s after 1967.

    Nylon 66MB - Mohawk Brown, 1959-1987 (Brown stock, blue steel receiver/barrel)

    Nylon 66GS - Gallery Special 1962-1981 (22 short only, Brown stock, blue steel receiver/barrel) Shell deflector. Counter cable attachment on bottom of stock. A few were known to have been Apache Black.

    Nylon 66SG - Seneca Green, 1959-1962 (dark green stock, blue steel receiver/barrel) 42,500 made

    Nylon 66AB - Apache Black, 1962-1984 (Black stock, chrome receiver & barrel) 221,000 made.

    Nylon 66BD - Black Diamond 1978-1987 (Black stock, blue 19012-473710. These 1967-68 serial numbers were located on the bottom of the barrel about 3" back from the muzzle.
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