Got a new one

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While working on halloween 2 local POS' donated this one to the department it was a JT Excellerator never heard of it but it shoots great. Anyone heard of these.


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    JT accellerator, not a bad gun. JT (JT/BrassEagle/WorrGamesProducts/K2) makes them. Take Spyder threaded barrels, and are an ok blowback. Ive dealt with similar guns that have a problem busting the bolt -hammer link pin, but other than that, shouldnt have a problem. If you got an electronic trigger, get yourself a Pre-Brass Eagle revolution or Empire Re-Loader2 to go on it so you have no feeding issues (or try to aim and hit stuff [;)] )

    With care, should last you quite a while. And remember, if it aint broke, dont fix it. [:D]
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