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Okay, I'm planning on picking up Tippmann 98c Pro for Christmas and I've been trying to figure out which barrel to buy. Is the flatline system a necessity over a 14" or 16" werks barrel? I will be playing woodsball almost excusively. I've had paintball experience in the past, but never owned my own gun.


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    a 16" barrel might be too much...yea yea yea everyone says "the longer, the better, the farther you can shoot" yaddy yaddya yaddaya. take into consideration having a extra 16" in front of you when you are trying to "hide" in the woods. ive heard good things about the flatline system, although personally never shot one.

    you might wanna look into DYE barrels. i use/have used them exclusively for about 5 years and they are the best. if your on a budget, look into the stainless steel barrels, if you want something a little better look at the boomsticks. i personally would never buy one over 14" and if your in the woods, do you really think you will be shooting at "far" distances??

    your best bet might be going to an open play at a local field and asking someone to see if you cant shoot their marker quick or possibly use it for a game (to try out different barrel lengths...trust me you will notice a different between them) most people i know are glad to help out someone that i 'just getting started' with their own equipment.

    best of luck.
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    I haven't used a Flatline but have seen them in action. I personally don't think they are all they are cracked up to be. My recommendation for a barrel would be an "All American" by Smart Parts. I use a 16" barrel for several reasons. I think that the longer barrel makes it quiter and more accurate. One thing to think about with a longer barrel is air consumption. It takes more air/CO2 to push the ball out of a longer barrel at the velocity you are shooting. For me, this just means that I make sure I have a spare tank filled and ready. But as with any barrel, I would make sure that you find a paintball that fits whatever barrel you are using. Good luck!

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    Honestly, anyting over 14" doesn't affect your accuracy or range at all. Personally I prefer a 12" for woodsball, and a 6" or 8" for speedball.

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    Its all preference on barrles.

    in paintball, a smooth boer and 6-8 inches is all you need, since that is the space it takes for a paintball to accelerate to 300fps. Anything after that is "control" for sound or marketing physics.

    Longer does come in handy in the woods, where you can poke through some brush and hide better. On an airball field, you cna push into a bunker with a long barrel to keep a smaller profile as well.

    Flatlines.. ehh... if you pick it up secondhand, then OK. but $149 for a gimmick is way too much, IMO. If you cant get close enough to shoot, then you need to work on your movement, not your gun.

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    Thanks for the replies guys, I appreciate the info. I don't think I will be picking up anything smaller than a 14", and highly doubt a 16", just threw that in there for somee more opinions. The difference in prices I have seen is about $50 on average between the flatline and most 14" barrels I have seen. Haven't really seen anything to sway me to either side, so I guess it will come down to how much money I can come up with.
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    One other thing. You might check out a local paintball shop and see if they have any barrels you can rent or at least shoot in their shop. This would let you hear how quite barrel X vs Y is and possibly check accuracy. I know that my local shop does this from time to time and he was the one that has always recommended the All American. I know at least five or six guys that use the AA! GREAT barrel.

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