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I Finally Changed. To A Different Line....

COLTCOLT Member Posts: 12,637 ******
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...Old habits die hard. I have used spiderwire since it came out, love the stuff.

A while back I asked everybody what line they used, well, went yesterday to pick up some lure components...and bought a different line.

One of my ambassduers is still in the shop, it will come back with no line. I bought a Tica, that 12bb+1 roller baby, will need line for that also.

I must have read about every box you guys mentioned, I really wanted one spool of spider wire, and one spool something I felt the fish would have a really hard time seeing. Though I love spider wire, I am not totally convinced I'm not missing some hits, cause they "see" it.

The spiderwire mono looked very interesting, 17lb. and they rate the diameter size not in lbs., but in like .47!!..or some such designation, THIN. I would have bought a spool of that, but was worried about the "memory" if it had much, or any...anybody know?
If it has no memory like it's older brother, I'll get some, please let me know, thanks.

As I said, I CHANGED line, after all these years...bought two spools of the spiderwire Stealth! Teflon coated to fight abraison, to itself and the rod eyes...and for a smoother run through the rod eyes. 17lb. with 8lb. diameter. With the Teflon coating, I'm thinking it might help the ONE thing I do NOT like about spiderwire, the fraying of the end when you snip it. I hate that little fuzzy end!

With my eyes not as good as they used to be, the fussy end makes it harder to tie on, maybe the Teflon will help this...glasses would help too...[:D]




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    2-barrel2-barrel Member Posts: 1,253 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    I am also getting a new rig for panfish. I am going to put power pro 8# test on it. It has on pound diamiter. I like that line but I'll probley cuss that small diameter when I tie on the goods.[;)]
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