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DaBow...idea on spending your $30!!!!

COLTCOLT Member Posts: 12,637 ******
edited February 2006 in The Fishing Hole!
DaBow if, or should I say WHEN you get into chunkin plastic baits, you will need a seperate bag for your worm gear. Wally World did/does have these. It's the best one I have found. It has a shoulder strap, and hand carry straps. One big compartment holds the 4 big compartmentized (is that a word?) plastic boxs. Each box is about 12X18". A big zippered pocket on each end, and a REALLY big one in the front. In addition, in front of each zippered pocket, there is a big slash pocket, front too.

The 4 boxs hold tons of plastic baits. I seperate mine into one container for grubs, lizards etc., makes for no fumbling around, just pull out the box of the particular bait you want. In addition, all the pockets hold all your plastic bait gear, plastic boxs w/worm hooks, rattlers, worm weights, fish attractant,...everything you need, in one bag, not mixed in with your baits in a tackle box.

Oh yeah, if you use spiderwire, I recommend, you need a good pai of scissors, the best of knoves only frays the line, and does not cut it very easy. I know you will say "ouch" when you have to spend $5-6 bucks for a small pair of scissors...but their worth every penny. Don't go to a fabric store and buy some giant pair, a good tackle shop will have a 4-5" pair for the job. Do like me, get a long shoe lace and tie them onto your worm bag, close at hand, or if you can stand it, I can't, hang 'em around your neck. I think you can see mine in the pic tied to the handle on my worm bag...[;)]



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