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FINALLY!!! Went!!!!

COLTCOLT Member Posts: 12,637 ******
edited April 2006 in The Fishing Hole!
Went fishing!!!!! But, cows were out of a leased pasture, spent all day rounding up about 40+! So got to fish about 2 hours, two hours more than I have all year! Filled a 55 qt. ice chest up, left half with JW my friend that owns the ranch. Caught I don't know how many dinks of about 6" to 12"....thru 'em all back. Walked around the far side of the lake, and had one that was around 7lbs., but the camera was in the truck...about half a mile on the other side of the let her go, she would have died if I had carried her back to get a pic.

The biggest in the pic is only 3lbs, 3lbs and under we keep, because there are so damn many fish. I caught one on a grape lizard, one on a shadrap....and the rest on the topwater shown, that I made...of course. I have no idea what the fish think it is, but they tore it up, I think I love that bait!

Some pics of the ranch and lake, course just shows a little of the ranch, it's 1,500 acres and I did not take the time to drive it all. Stormrd BIG Wed night, of came on back last night [:(]
...oh well, good time. We were going to set up for some hogs, they have gotten worse of late;totally ruined 5 acres of wheat he planted, gone. Too muddy where we were going to set up.....they run across a small clearing from one dry creek to another, and we were going to set up on a hill overlooking the clearing, but...

..."THE" bait...
jws42006015.jpg..a few
....a few pic of the lake, can't see the whole thing...this is the dam end(dams 100yds long)'s long and curves back to the left, bow shaped.



  • peabopeabo Member Posts: 3,098
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    There you go braggin' again !!!!![:)]

    Nice catch, and fine pictures. Thanks for sharing.
    Keep up the good work. Hopefully I'll be able to catch some soon.

  • MOMMASBOYMOMMASBOY Member Posts: 290 ✭✭✭
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  • DaBowMan18DaBowMan18 Member Posts: 2,962
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    lookin good there bloviator[;)]
  • Ox190Ox190 Member Posts: 2,782 ✭✭
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    I fished a buddy of mines private pond this last weekend down in Ellis County, TX. We had about the same results you did, only all of our fish came on soft plastics. I caught the big fish...around 6-6.5. Next I'm going back for catfish
  • COLTCOLT Member Posts: 12,637 ******
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    A front just came thru and it dropped from 75 to 63, fro 9AM till 2:15 now...don't know what the pressure did. Weather is susposed to be in low 70's and upper 40's at night thur and Fri, when I get a chance to go again!...if no crap comes up! I may try for some of the big channel cat and crappie this time. There are some HUGE hybrid perch/bream too, like 3lbs is the biggest perch caught so far, their BIG...and fight better than most fish their size. They use to hang around the dock, but the last couple of years they have moved out around the trees along the creek out in the middle of the lake.

    Might get the old zebco out and throw some of those little jigs with the colored heads. Stopped by wally world to pick up some scent...and bought a BOX of different size and color jig heads....then bought a box of the colored bodies that go on 'em...$20 bucks! ...and I don't even crappie fish [:0]

    I guess when I get thru bass fishing, I might try to relax and catfish, but man, it's hard for me to sit still for that kind of fishing. Though the smallest channel cat Ive caught there was 3lbs are bigger, they are all BIG, good eating too...just have to find the patience...[:D]

    What part of Texas you in? You mentioned Ellis, geez, if you live in Palo Pinto, Ellis, Erath or in that area...I'd move! [:D]
    THAT whole area in the spring stays under Tornado something or another....almost everyday...[:0]


  • MOMMASBOYMOMMASBOY Member Posts: 290 ✭✭✭
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    hey BLOVIATOR i would give my left one for a pond like that. he he he
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