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Going Again. dang...on a roll :)

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edited April 2006 in The Fishing Hole!
Be heading out again about 2:30 today, yeah buddy! Hope the front did not change the pressure too much, but it was yesterday when it came thru so....maybe the fish will settle down by this evening and next day or two. Pretty good front though for this time of year around here...was 74 at 9 yesterday morning, 63 by noon...and 53 at 4am when I got up [xx(]. susposed to be in the 40's at night for next several days, nippy!

...Taking a few rifles, 30-30 lever for some hogs that we did not get to set up for the other day because of the storm...and a 1942 m38 Swede Husqavarna 6.5, minty, as NEW, be the first time to shoot it, thinking about selling it but....the rate they have/are going up in price, I might just would almost give me enough money to clear a Colt Delta Elite 10mm I want, so might just wait till it will pay for it total...but then the Colt will have jumped in a year too, so sheet, don't know. Maybe the 1891 Argie and the 1909 Argie, but their way up, and going up fast to, crap, decisions, decisions...

...Well, should come back with some fish pics, ansd fish...since I'll have more than a couple of hrs. or so this time to fish...if there are not cows out again, or some other crap, almost always is with 1,500 acres, and several hundred acres of rented pasture...and about 300 head now counting the new calves. There is an awesome lake on one of the rented pastures, but it's black dirt over there...and that lake was pure mud from the rain right before I went the other day...and it rined the night I was it's probably pure mud, sure want to fish that! It's about 40 yrs old...and never been fished! Full of bass, crappie and channel cat too! Get chicken bumps just thinking about that lake...[:D]

...check in when I get back Fri or Sat.....[8D]

....I'm so excited it makes me dance....[:0]



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