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hissinggoosehissinggoose Member Posts: 763 ✭✭✭✭
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I swear, I live in the WINDIEST place on the planet!! No wonder the Wright brothers picked this place to test the airplane!! I finally have a chance to escape to Hatteras for an afternoon, and the temp's dropped twenty, and the wind is honkin' out of the northeast at 20-30!!! All the drum/blues/trout that have been crashing the point are going to be gone for the next several days till it warms up with a good s-sw wind again for a few days. Oh well, I guess it could be least I live close enough to drive down when the weather turns again. Man, it sucks to still be wearing a jacket when it's almost May, especially since we had such nice weather a couple of weeks ago. Guess I'll put some new line on the reels and get some garage projects out of the way...mow the grass...


  • COLTCOLT Member Posts: 12,637 ******
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    ...I feel for ya man....I HATE the wind with a passion...cause I'm a a topwater and plastic bait freak...and the wind is not friendly to either...especially using MAYBE 1/8oz weight on any plastic bait I throw.

    I just got back from the ranch last night...and it stormed here bad...and up at the ranch yesterday mornin at 6am the wind was comming out of the NW at steady 18-20...and a light drizzle...the bass turned off completely...but started getting a strange bump on my big grubs and lizards...and had gotten the same last week...turned out to be some BIG crappie at the dam.

    ...So, with not being able to beg a bite from a bass...on ANY bait I have...and that's a few...I got out a 200 year old 33 and put on a jig and caught the chit out of crappie. Not sure how much they weigh, as I don't really do anything but bass fish, but have the jig heads and grub bodies too. Fixin to post some pics, the biggest crappie was 18" long and the rest were 14-16...good size I guess...I just had a helluva good time, I know that...[:D]


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