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fishkiller41fishkiller41 Member Posts: 50,608
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U reccon you could build me a black and red plug that would run 8-12' down,with a fairly tight wobble? I'll supply the red treble hooks.I need a new dawn/dusk Snook lure about 4-6" long.Wood with stainless h/ware is essentil since it's gonna be a super salty water lure.Email me with ideas and what you may need as compensation.
I know you're flodded with requests but if u can send me some ideas,as it will certainly be tested under extreme conditions.Will provide photoupdates.


  • COLTCOLT Member Posts: 12,637 ******
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    Fish, I would love too, but...running baits are a whole different ball game bud. The slightest degree of the lip you instal, if off any...not only runs sideways...but really weird, like even "circles"! I have tried several thru the years...and getting the lip "right" is just someting that eludes me, sorry. I promise, if I can ever figure out a way to get a lip on, and the damn bait to run "right" I will make you one.

    Poppers are my favorite, and produce the most consistent. All my topwaters are "finesse" baits...slow and easy, well, some with props you can really rip, but most are meant to "work" slow and easy. Several are the "wounded" minnow type, lay a little to one side when at rest, then straighten up only when you give it a short quick little "jerk".

    It took me forever to get a bait that is shaped like a rattle trap, to work right!...not as easy as it looks! I drill, and put a rattler in most of my baits, and as thin as a trap is, if that rattle is not runs really funny, and by the time you find that out...your completely thru with the bait! All wasted time and effort. Matter of fact, one that I am posting in a few days is a trap style, black back, black tiger stripes over an orange body...but Scott, MN hunter will have first choice, since he posted first awhile back about wanting one...but I have no idea if he will like any of what I post. Heck, no one may like any of them, you know?

    Due to the collector guys that buy a bunch from me everyyear, and takes a lot of my time....I'm just going to make baits, post 'em and if someone wants/likes it, they can get it, if not, somebody else around here will want it....or I'll keep it, crap I have made SO many (probably over a 1,000 thu the years) that worked so good, never to be duplicated, so I'll never have any of 'em [:D] I probably only have about 5-6 of my own! Everyone is always wanting them, but that make me proud, and a little emmbarrassed...need to find time to make me some [:D], but damn, so much time involved. I just don't have the time anymore to take "custom" (shpes,styles, coor selections) I make them, no two are alike, and they are not "perfect", their made by my human hand...I'll make different color combos, and styles...might can be a little flexable on some colors, but dang, there is a LOT of work and time that goes into a bait....wish I couls video the whole process step by step, umpteen hrs in making one...and drying times between each speeding it up (don't like adding jap dryer or lacquer thinner to my paints, both speed up drying times)and if it's real humid ariund here, common thing...SLOW drying...and NO clear coats. Clear coats in high humidity will "blush", turn milky, not clear. Then sometime I screw up...and have to start a process all over...[:D]

    Each bait has ALL screws set with 2 part epoxy, between base coats and colors, and finish coats...each has 30+ coats on it.
    Parts,I only use the good stuff, all material for each bait
    is running close to $4 bucks now. Balsa IMO is the best material for
    a topwater. By the time I get thru with all base coats ans all coats you would not believe how hard the balsa is. You can tap balsa wood and it has a almost "silent" thump....when I finish with the bait, it sounds almost like a hardwood when you tap it....right mrbruce?
    I have threatened to get e jet mini lathe for awhile...the 3-5 hrs of carving, is just way too much time. If I had a lay, I couls turn some hardwood for the "toothy" fish[:D] pike etc.

    Scott, I should have some pics of several I'll send are post probably this weekend, you were first in line...sorry took longer than I thought...and any body else, if they even see anything they like, first come first serve when I post 'em. I THINK I'll have 5-6

    ....bummmer, photo bucket is doing maintanace, so no gif bait or MY great Texas gif....[:D]
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