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Beautiful Stock, Pics,counts cause it goes fishing

COLTCOLT Member Posts: 12,637 ******
edited May 2006 in The Fishing Hole!
MRBRUCE does awesome custom stock work...couple of his specialties are the XP, and TC...but as you can see...he just plain does awesome work,...on ANY stock, hand makes 'em too! AND, he AIN'T no yankee, even though he lives in NY State...NOT New York City [:D] He is one helluva a nice guy, his word is BETTER than a contract...and more honest than a long hard days work...some pics of what he did for me...[:p]
Hey, he is in line for prices for GREAT stock work, but he aint cheap, if you want cheap...order a synthetic stock, or find "bubba" to do you one...[:D]

Remington 514, single shot .22, bought for $10 bucks at a pawn shop
OVER 35 years ago. Back then, I put a GOOD 4 X 12 Bushnell Banner scope (long since discontinued) with lens adj. from 50'-100yds...made and looks as good as any Leo vari-X I own/owned...don't make 'em like they used too. I had my smith take the iron sights off, D & T for REAL bases, and had his Supreme blue job put on...$110 total investment, back then(scope and all)...and people thought I had lost my mind to have THAT much in an 'ol single shot Rem .22! They may have been right...THEN,..he-he...not now.[8D]

...This gun is as accurate as ANY gun I have EVER shot, you can shoot as many rounds as you want, from 50-70yds...and cover the big hole with a dime! My Browning Medallion A Bolt (.06) will shoot 4 shot 1/2 to 5/8"ths groups w/150gr factory Federal...and I am sure if this 514 would reach out that for with enough would do better!
OK, the pics...[:D]

BEFORE Notice end of forearm is broke off due to me be 17 years old (last year[:D][}:)]) and wanting to "spiff" up, an otherwise plain jane stock...

BEFORE mrbruce



Forend and grip cap are both from spalted maple
notice the neat "strip" fo dark grain in the forend piece...[:p]








...there is not a blem one on it, anything that may look like one is from my VAST lack of camera knowledge and sun glare.

...mrbruce is 'da man, I love it...[:p].[:D]




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