DaBow..And?...the Baitcaster Progress report?

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...Practicing?...and? Making any progress?
Practice is the key word...chill, you will have it down pretty good in no time. Say, I just remembered your dad was going to maybe put some bass in ya'lls lake...so...is he gonna do it?
Your lake would/is the perfect place to practice...no need for a weight to practice with...just tie on different baits...and chunk away.

You have a good knot down yet? Remember, get away from "snaps', and swivels...they both hamper the action on a bait.
If you go w/spiderwire...there are several knots you CAN'T use...they will not hold w/braided line, they WILL pull loose.
Here is a good braided line knot...all I use, this CAN'T pull loose, period...works w/any line matter of fact...may be the best "all around" knot to use...on ALL baits...and hooks.

...Link for Palomar knot

Progress report please...[8D]




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    ...the link I posted...is to a site that is full of usefull info too...[;)]
    ...PALOMAR: Great for all types of line.(favorite knot)
    HANGMANS: Great for NON braided line (WILL FAIL w/braided)

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    its goin ok....makin progress[:D]
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    ...good deal. Just keep up the chunking...[:D]
    Before you know it, you will be casting where you want without any thinking about what you are doing...the more you cast, the easier it gets; and soon, accuracy and distance is just "there"...[;)]


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    quote:Originally posted by DaBowMan18
    its goin ok....makin progress[:D]

    it takes some time dont give up on them its all i use and i still have some bad birds nest every now and again. [:D][:D][:D][:D][:D]
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